Student short film competition 2024


  • The Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and Assessment is excited to announce the Student Short Film Competition 2024.
  • This competition encourages maritime students to showcase their creativity in maritime simulations and simulator-based training to their peers and the public. By encouraging students to explore the knowledge of maritime simulator-based training in their learning, COAST aims to ignite enthusiasm among students in maritime education and training.
  • The competition is open to all maritime Bachelor students at HVL, NTNU, UiT and USN. Interested students are required to create short films (maximum 3 minutes) that explain and describe a maritime simulator-based education related concept in a creative, accurate, engaging, and understandable way. There is no limit on the number of students in a project from one institution.
  • Whether you’re demonstrating through acting, dance, or other methods, the key is to utilize your maritime knowledge and creativity to effectively disseminate your message!
  • So, get your cameras ready, and let’s see what you can do!
  • Language: Norwegian or English


Main theme: Learning in simulators

  1. Briefing, debriefing and feedback
  2. Team Collaboration/Learning together
  3. Learning by doing/Curiosity in learning
  4. Repeated practice/NightSim activities are good
  5. Grading/Assessment is good
  6. Human contribution to safety

These themes are not limited, so feel free to work on relevant themes related to maritime simulators.


  • The duration of the video should not exceed 3 minutes (2GB).
  • Video format MP4, should be played on any computer.
  • Upload the video to

Note: No need to open an account at “wetransfer”. Just go to the link: “I just want to send files”

  • Email to:
  • Your email:
  • Title: XYZ
  • Message:
    • Name of your uni (HVL, NTNU, USN, UiT) and which grade are you in
    • You and your project partner’s names
    • Theme of the video

If you have any questions, please send them to:

Screenshot av opplastingsvindu for videokonkurranse

Evaluation Criteria

The judging panel will be formed by a group of representatives from the COAST. All the entries will be evaluated and judged based on the following criteria:


Evalueringskriterier for filmkonkurranse på engelsk

Terms and Conditions

  1. The entry must be original and must not infringe any copyright laws. If applicable the entrant shall get permission from the copyright owner(s). The entrant may be requested to show their approval documents.
  2. The entry must not contain any inappropriate or controversial content such as obscenity, violence, pornography, defamation, insults or objectionable material.
  3. The entrant must provide genuine and accurate information, and any dishonest or incorrect information will result in disqualification.
  4. All individuals who appear in the video entry have given their informed consent by email and acknowledged that their images and audio may be edited and used for the sole purpose of participating in the competition.
  5. COAST retains the right to use, rename, copy, edit, distribute and broadcast all or parts of the entries.
  6. All decisions made by the judging panel are final.
  7. COAST has the full authority to make final decisions in all matters related to this competition, including the terms and conditions, prizes and other arrangements.
  8. By submitting an entry, the entrant accepts the aforementioned terms and conditions. Any breach of the terms and conditions may result in disqualification from the competition, subject to the final discretion of COAST. There is no appeal mechanism in this competition.
  9. The awards are for one submission NOT per participant.
  10. If there is not sufficient participation, the competition dates should be extended.
  11. Participants are not limited in the number of videos they can submit.


The following awards will be presented:

  • First place 5000 NOK
  • Second place 3000 NOK
  • Third place 2000 NOK
  • Jury Special award 1000 NOK

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.


Release of Announcement: 8 May 2024
Deadline for Submission: 22 May 2024
Winners will be announced: 29 May 2024