The exciting extracurricular activity: Tugboat Tournament 2024!

Studenter i gule jakker sitter i en båt

Nautical students from Norwegian maritime institutions (HVL, UiT, NTNU, and USN) participated in the exciting Tugboat Tournament 2024, engaging in collaborative learning experiences. A total of 25 students joined the tournament, fostering new friendships and expanding their professional networks. Hosted by the Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and Assessment (COAST), this event celebrated skill and innovation in maritime education. The tournament took place at the HVL Maritime Simulator Centre on March 9th and 10th in Haugesund.

Highlights from the Tournament

Participants immersed themselves in intense matches at the HVL Maritime Simulator Center from 09:00 to 16:00, skillfully navigating tugboats to showcase their expertise and strategic skills. Following the action-packed competitions, participants were warmly welcomed by HVL, engaging in stimulating discussions and strategic planning for the finals. During a lunch at the HVL global lounge/canteen and a dinner together, attendees enjoyed delightful networking opportunities, fostering connections and forging new partnerships. After the tournament, participants enjoyed the pleasant weather and visited Røvær, where they were treated to a RIB tour by Røvær Havbrukssenter and enjoyed a delightful lunch at Røvær Kulturhotell amidst the beautiful weather.

Studenter sitter på en benk i sola foran en gul bygning

About Tugboat Tournament

The Tugboat Tournament serves as an effective method for enhancing student engagement while enjoying simulator experiences. Utilizing the K-Sim Platform, the field is designed to provide an immersive gaming environment. Each tugboat is crewed by two students: a captain and a navigator, both stationed at the same simulator throughout the game. They have the option to switch roles after a reset following a goal.

The primary objective of the game is to score goals by manipulating a buoy or floating container to the opposite starting point using vessels. The game operates under the principle that all actions are permissible. A match comprises two halves, each lasting 15 minutes. The ultimate aim is to accumulate the most points over the course of the two halves.

The competition involves two teams, each comprising two tugboats with crews as outlined in section 3 of the rules. Therefore, each team consists of four students: two captains and two navigators.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities encompass organised pursuits beyond the regular curriculum, such as participation in sailing teams or such tournaments. Engaging in these activities offers students opportunities to cultivate leadership, teamwork, and personal growth skills while acquiring practical maritime knowledge.

Involvement in maritime-related extracurricular activities can significantly contribute to a student’s personal development. Leadership, in particular, is a crucial skill fostered through such engagements. Assuming leadership roles gives students a sense of responsibility, a decision-making process, and the ability to coordinate group efforts toward shared objectives.

Reflecting on the Experience

The Tugboat Tournament 2024 exceeded mere competition, embodying the dedication, teamwork, and passion of the student community. Participants departed with lessons, enduring connections, and cherished memories from an unforgettable weekend.

Responses from students in the post-tournament survey revealed a wealth of insights:

  • How would you characterise your experience?


Some of the students’ answers about their learning experiences highlighted:

  • Managing teamwork under pressure
  • Building and enhancing team dynamics
  • Improving planning and communication skills
  • Mastering manoeuvring techniques
  • Navigating with azimuths
  • Gaining insights into other schools’ approaches
  • Recognizing the need for further practice
  • Understanding how scenarios impact learning

Stay Tuned for Future Events

Missed out on the action? Keep an eye out for future events hosted by COAST and other leading institutions. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of maritime education and training,


Take a journey back through the highlights, photos, and memories of the Tugboat Tournament 2024. Whether you were a participant or supporter, let’s celebrate the success of this incredible event together. Until next time, fair winds and following seas!

A big thanks to COAST for the engagement that made this possible, as well as to HVL Maritime for providing the simulators during the weekend.