COAST Think Factory: A Gathering of Maritime Minds at UiT

Gruppefoto av 11 personer som ser i kamera og smiler utenfor en av campusbygningene på UiT

Students from UiT the Arctic University of Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) converged at UiT on December 13-15, 2023. This gathering was orchestrated by COAST (Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and Assessment) with a focus on networking, knowledge sharing, and hands-on experience.

COAST’s vision is to stand as a leading provider of simulator training and assessment methods for maritime education. Their mission? To promote student-centered learning through simulator-based education. And this workshop was a prime example of that mission in action.

So, what went down during this three-day maritime creative workshop?

First off, the workshop kicked off with an introduction to COAST, detailing what the project stands for and its ambitious goals. It wasn’t just about getting to know the program but also about the people behind it as both Focus area 3 leader Arnt Myrheim-Holm and project coordinator Inger Johanne Lurås attended the workshop. This was a key component since most of most of the students have joined the think factory recently, as the former members have graduated COAST and students, instructors and employees mingled, shared stories, and built connections that could steer both the students study progression and their commitment to the project.

Photo: Trude Haugseth Moe/UiT

But it wasn’t all talk. Attendees were treated to a tour of UiT’s state-of-the-art flight and bridge simulators. They didn’t just look; they dove in, testing the simulators themselves. The highlight was the maneuvering competition, a chance to put their theoretical knowledge to the test in a practical, competitive setting.

The planning of the Tugboat Tournament 2024 also took center stage. This upcoming event promises to be an exciting challenge for maritime students and professionals alike, fostering both competition and collaboration.

In between the activities, there were plenty of learning opportunities. UiT’s department head, FA4 leader Bjørn-Morten Batalden, delivered an engaging interactive lecture that captivated the participants when speaking from his extensive and diversified professional experience.

Another highlight was the presentation on the research vessel “Beret Paulsdatter”, shedding light on its role at UiT as supplement to simulator training by PhD candidate Johan Fredrik Røds.

In addition to the presentation the students enjoyed a highly interesting, guided tour on the recently delivered research vessel “Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra” which gave a brief glimpse into the forefront of maritime research technology.

The event also transcended geographical boundaries with a virtual presentation from COAST PhD candidate Anastasia Skarpeti from NTNU. Although not present she was able to share her work via Zoom thus allowed for a broader exchange of ideas and expertise and agreement was reached in further activities for data collection during this spring semester.

Looking forward, focus area 3 Student Engagement has planned a workshop on Student Engagement and the role of Student Assistants in week 14 of 2024. This one is aimed at instructors, teachers, and students.

In essence, the COAST Think Factory gathering at UiT was more than just a meet-up; it was a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration in the maritime student simulator domain. Students left not only with new connections but also with renewed enthusiasm for their field, a testament to the power of hands-on experience and the spirit of cooperation that defines COAST’s approach to maritime education.