Organizational development – Focus Area 4

The COAST consortium aims at developing systems, structures, flexible organizations to become more innovative, and leading providers of simulator training and assessment for maritime education. COAST will evaluate, revise and suggest new models of organizing simulator-based training and assessment. This includes promoting systemic educational and institutional transformations by making partnerships for improvement.

The objective of focus area 4 is to propose revised and collective models for systemic educational transformations, development of partnerships for supporting simulator-based training and assessment, and models for the professional development of instructors and trainers. Through focus area 4, COAST will establish structures enabling the partners to improve simulator training and assessment continuously.

To achieve the objective, focus area 4 will:

  • Arrange working seminars with industrial partners, maritime organizations, alumni, education institutions, instructors, students and researchers
  • Develop plans for educational and institutional transformations
  • Implement relevant changes across members of the consortium
  • Implement courses for the continuous professional development of instructors and trainers
  • Facilitate collaboration with other professions engaging in simulator-based training and assessment, such as the health and aviation industries.

The COAST team at UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) is primarily responsible for this Focus Area.

Students in simulator